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Smaller Coffee Tables


The Mdomo Coffee Table measures 30"x30"x17"; it has a double bevel around the edges and a mdomo leaf carving on both the frame and the table top. Where the leaf carvings meet in the four corners, they form a little mouth, in kiSwahili called a "mdomo".

The smaller table is called, Mdomo Kidogo, Little Mouth. The Mdomo lists at $2,300, the Mdomo Kidogo at $1,250. 

Here is a proud and timelessly handsome small Basera Solid Mahogany Coffee Table, measuring 30"x50"x16".
It has a Rope Carve around the edge of the table top, a chainlink carve around the apron
and a strongly carved Basera leg, this one 6" in diameter. All Hand Carved & priced at a handsome $3,250

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A set of two Takwa MdomoTables, Father & Son,

the larger one measuring30”x30”x17”,

the smaller 20” x20” x13”.

They list at $2,300 and $1,250


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Solid Mahogany Tables, of a timeless beauty.

All tables are hand carved, dated, numbered and signed. We'll even carve in your Family Crest or your Initials.


Our tables have a feel of Masculine Majesty and a seeming provenance of European Renaissance. 

Robust as they are, they will last in your home or office for many generations


Each Solid Mahogany Table piece is fully unique;
There are no other pieces like it anywhere, guaranteed.
All of our tables are dated, numbered and signed.


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Your Family Crest carved in Mahogany