The Classic Mahogany Consoles

Desks, Side Tables + Chairs

For the Hallway, the Dining Room or the Library
Our Mahogany Console comes with or without drawers.
Dimensions vary from 20"x60"x30" to 30"x96"x36"or any other dimension you may require

$4,200 for five feet,

$4,500 for six feet

or as otherwise mentioned on this Page

This Console measures 20"x 60"x34" at $4,400.

a demi-lune console. It measures 20" x 60" x 35"

with a small drawer in the front, it lists for $4,200

perfect for gloves or keys in the hallway

A Writing Desk measuring 24" x 72" x 30", at $6,000

A Writing Desk measuring 20" x 60" x 30", at $4,800



This Console measures 20"x 70"x36" at $5,400.

  Yes, a Green Mahogany Console 20"x60"x30" at $4,200.

 This Desk measures 54"x24" and has two drawers. Listed at $4,250




 The Above Console measures 48x18x36 . It lists at $3,800.


 Side Table measuring 37"x 37"x24 at $3,700

 Side Table measuring 30"x 30"x23 at $2,800

 This Desk measures 54"x24" and has two drawers. Listed at $4,250



 Above, an elaborately carved computer desk with extra large drawers

 Classic Console 20x60x30 at $4,200

Computer or Library Desk: $5,800

Side Table measuring 37" x 37" x 24" at $3,700

A Writing Desk measuring 24" x 72" x 30", at $6,000

A Bedside Table measuring 24" x 48" x 30", at $4,500 with an extra shelf for magazines, etc.

A Solid Mahogany Console of 20"x60"x30" ($4,200)
It is flanked by two Caesar or Savonarola Chairs ($850)



 A Dodoki Arm Chair upholstered in your favorite Fabric or Leather $895

A Caesar or Savonarola Chair


 A Dodoki Arm Chair with woven Sisal Seat


We also make Bathroom Consoles.

Look at this one which was a Very Special Order




Our first order for this Solid Mahogany Console was for a Doctor's Waiting Area.
We now make it for that "Presidential Look" in an Advertising Office
or for the sheer convenience and beauty in your Living Room............

The Console measures 72"x24"x36" and is listed at $6,200

Ahh, what Elegance!

This small
Mahogany Console
measures 38" high by 15"x40"

This Mahogany Console has a French Polish Finish.

It lists at $3,800.

With regular finish the price is $3,500

  • Below is the Interior of a Patrician House in the Old Lamu Town
  • The Console shown is unfinished
  • We will design and finish it to your specification
  • To order a Console Table, click Order



    Solid Mahogany Tables, of a timeless beauty.

    All tables are hand carved, dated, numbered and signed. We'll even carve in your Family Crest or your Initials.

    Our tables have a feel of Masculine Majesty and a seeming provenance of the European Renaissance. 

    Robust as they are, they will last in your home or office for many generations.


    Each Mahogany Tables piece is fully unique;

    There are no other pieces like it anywhere, guaranteed.


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    Rectangle Mahogany Coffee Tables

    Consoles & Sofa Tables

    Square Mahogany Coffee Tables 

    Mahogany Conference Tables

    Smaller Coffee Tables

    Mahogany Round Tables

    Mahogany Library Tables 
    Armoires Beds

    Mahogany Planters

    A Patrician House

    now being restored

    in Lamu

    The Exotic Island of Lamu

    Published Tables

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    Your Family Crest carved in Mahogany


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