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 We are very proud to announce a new product

Solid Mahogany Planters for your Home or your Office.

The Planters will accommodate Plant Pots of Various Sizes.

Our planters come in cubic sizes of 14", 16" and 18".

We'll carve in any of our carvings found on our Carvings Page:

Carvings to choose from  


Or we will carve in your Initials or your your Family Crest.


and what a great Gift Idea!

List Prices for the Solid Mahogany Planters range from

$350 for the 14 cubic inch ones, to

$550 for the 16 cubic inch planters to

$750 for the 18" ones.

Think of putting in your Birds of Paradise, Palm Trees or any of your other prized plants.

The smaller Orchid Planters retail at $150, as do the carved Jewelry Boxes.




Solid Mahogany Tables, of a timeless beauty.

All tables are hand carved, dated, numbered and signed. We'll even carve in your Family Crest or your Initials.

Our tables have a feel of Masculine Majesty and a seeming provenance of the European Renaissance. 

Robust as they are, they will last in your home or office for many generations.


Each Mahogany Tables piece is fully unique;

There are no other pieces like it anywhere, guaranteed.


Mahogany Dining Tables 

Rectangle Mahogany Coffee Tables

Consoles & Sofa Tables

Square Mahogany Coffee Tables 

Mahogany Conference Tables

Smaller Coffee Tables

Mahogany Round Tables

Mahogany Library Tables 
Armoires Beds

Mahogany Planters

A Patrician House

now being restored

in Lamu

The Exotic Island of Lamu

Published Tables

Carvings to choose from 


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Your Family Crest carved in Mahogany


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