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Retail prices of our tables range from $950 to $10,500.
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The wood of choice is 'Mbambakofi', a hardwood found off the island of Lamu.
It is a member of the Mahogany Family of Woods.
The flower of the tree has a delicate, jasmine-like smell.

We can deliver to you immediately from our current stock at our Studio Upstate New York.
Special orders are delivered on our once a year container in the spring, unless you would like to have it shipped by air, in which case the transportation cost is added to the price. After the pieces have been finished in our studio, we arrange for shipping to your home with an experienced fine furniture shipper. They will invoice you direct for the carriage.

If you decide on a special order, where you design your own piece, we require a 50% deposit. Because we make a unique piece for you, that deposit can not be refunded.



All of our Pieces are made of Solid Mahogany Wood.

The keyword is SOLID.

Rather different from the traditional mahogany furniture you may be more familiar with, which is made of mahogany veneer.
Veneer is a very thin slice of wood, which is glued on top of a wooden base of inferior softwood such as pine.
The advantage of a veneer piece is that the sheet is completely dried and will not move very much with the elements.

This means that during winter, when homes and apartments are centrally heated, the veneer does not shrink very much. And during humid & hot summer months, it will not expand very much. A classic guaranty for a satisfied customer.
However, the disadvantage of a veneer is that after a number of years, it may begin to warp, buckle or even bubble up.
I am certain you have seen a piece of furniture where the veneer bubbled up. You were tempted to prick the skin to see what would happen.

Likely cause of that buckle was water or humidity that crept underneath the sheet when the glue let go.
Humidity is very much an essential element of air and will go wherever it can.


Having a piece of Solid Mahogany as a Table
does have certain consequences.

Solid wood is very much a living element.
As the former part of a tree, it will continue to absorb the elements of its environment, whether it has been oven-dried, kiln-dried or air-dried.
The fibers of the wood are receptors of the air surrounding it. In a dry environment the wood will shrink, guaranteed. In a humid environment it will expand.
Over the years and the seasons, there is a lot of motion in relatively small pieces of wood. As a result, cracks may appear in the wood.
The crack may give the piece an antique look and you may love the character it produces.



construct our tables to minimize damage caused by humidity fluctuations.
It is imperative
YOU maintain a good level of humidity in your living space, beneficial both to your skin and your wood.
A 65% humidity level is ideal, difficult to maintain and better than a 6% humidity centrally heated apartment in the winter.



Our legs measure up to eight inches in diameter.
That is big for any piece of furniture. Have you ever seen a solid massive leg?
Chances are that the chunky legs on a piece of furniture you may have seen were a composite.
This means that the legs were composed of several different pieces of wood that were glued together and turned into a solid-looking piece.

The legs of Lamu Industries' Tables are Solid Legs.

They are made of tree trunks that have been turned on a lathe and carved by hand by one of our talented carvers on the exotic island of Lamu.
Massive as the legs are, they will take a long time to dry.
Whether they are air-dried or kiln-dried, the drying pattern is always the same.
From the center of the trunk, a star shape cuts through the wood to the outside edge of the leg.
There, small cracks may be visible.
After the cracks have formed, we look at each of them. We then decide whether to correct the crack and fill it or leave it alone.
We usually do not fill hairline cracks. As a rule, we do fill cracks that exceed one millimeter.

When you look at our Solid Mahogany Legs, you may see small hairline cracks.
They are part of the look of the Lamu Industries Solid Mahogany Collection.
They give the legs the character they will carry well beyond the centuries.

We cherish them. We are sure you will too.

Our Tables are Majestic, Magnificent & Masculine & Mahogany

They perform best in large spaces

We make them to your specification


Each Lamu Industries piece is fully unique;

There are no other pieces like it anywhere, guaranteed.

All of our tables are dated, numbered and signed.


Solid Mahogany Tables, of a timeless beauty.

All tables are hand carved, dated, numbered and signed. We'll even carve in your Family Crest or your Initials.

Our tables have a feel of Masculine Majesty and a seeming provenance of the European Renaissance. 

Robust as they are, they will last in your home or office for many generations.


Each Lamu Industries piece is fully unique;

There are no other pieces like it anywhere, guaranteed.


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